Why are Dental Implants Right for You

Living without a tooth or several teeth can make life very hard. You can’t enjoy many of the foods you love so much,Guest Posting it’s hard to talk and get your point across to others, and it’s embarrassing! If you are one of the 120 million Americans currently living without one or more teeth, dental implants are the solution for you!

The past year alone, over 500 thousand people have found their life to be easier by looking to dental implants to restore their missing teeth. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of dental implants!

Dental Implants are Perfection in the Making

Dental implants started gaining popularity in the 1960s, when it was discovered that titanium was capable of bonding with the bone. However, dental implants have been around for much longer than that, close to 1500 years to be precise! The Mayans were the first civilization that used stones such as jade and seashells as dental implants. Of course, their use was to decorate the wealthy or deceased, but still they were the first.

Now fast forward to today, dental implants are the number one solution for restoring a missing tooth. They have been perfected through study, research and testing over the past 50 years. The introduction of titanium posts help simulate the root of a natural tooth and is capable of bonding with the jawbone without getting attacked by your body’s immune system. Dental implants are extremely durable and are able to last a lifetime with proper care on your part. The truth is, dental implants have a 98% success rate, which is a very high percentage for any procedure. Most failure cases are due to improper treatment or lack of care post-treatment.

They Surpass All other Solutions for Many Reasons

Dental implants may not be the only option you have heard of, but we’re here to tell you why they aren’t as awesome. Dentures and bridges have been long in the making, perhaps longer than dental implants. However, they oral b io 10 vs 9 are just not as practical as they should be.

Dentures have many problems of their own. They’re often uncomfortable, sitting on top of your gums day in and day out, which can cause redness and soreness. Not only that, dentures are a definite pain to clean and put on every day. It doesn’t help either that dentures put no pressure on your jawbone, thus causing the bone to deteriorate beneath the gum tissue. The same disadvantages are also seen with bridges and partials.

On the other hand, dental implants have many advantages that make it hard to pass them up. First off, dental implants look and feel exactly like any healthy natural tooth, which makes them ideal if you want to keep up an esthetic appearance. Each implant post is bonded to the jawbone, providing support and preventing bone deterioration (deterioration can cause a sunken appearance similar to The Scream by Edvard Munch).

Dental Implants are Affordable

A common misconception about dental implants is that they are very expensive. That is just not true! Yes, there are some dentists that charge a whopping $9700 per dental implant, but there are also affordable options! In fact, we did a study about dental implant prices across all of Southern California, contacting over 500 dentist and collecting over 300 dental implant prices. Take a look at what we found!

Prices of Dental Implants from over 300 Dentist in Southern California

It’s a benefit to you to get dental implants in Southern California. Compared to the rest of the United States – whose average is $5000 – the average dental implant cost is $1767 less, at $3233. That’s a huge amount of savings, and the average savings would be more if it weren’t for the high priced outliers in our price data! The most common price you can expect to find is $4000, but in cities like Van Nuys and Norwalk, dental implants are as low as $1495 for a back tooth dental implant.

The price of a dental implant scales from dentist to dentist and their perception of how much their time is worth to help you. The prices we have are for a complete dental implant, which includes the implant post, abutment and crown. When it comes down to it, why pay more for a dental implant when there are much more affordable options? It would be a mistake to pay twice the amount for a dental implant than you would somewhere else.


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