Successful Pest Control of Wasp and Removal of its Nest in the Garden

Paper wasps,Successful Pest Control of Wasp and Removal of its Nest in the Garden Articles yellow jackets and hornets are the most common types of wasps that build their nests right where you don’t want them – in and around the lawn and garden. While these insects are often seen as pests due to their nasty stings, they’re actually important for the garden as both predatory insects and pollinators. However, when their nests get a little too close for comfort, like in the yard, it’s sometimes necessary to eliminate wasps to avoid any future problems that may arise.

The best way to deal with wasps is to minimize their numbers by deterring them from the area. Do not keep any food (including your pet’s) lying around. Keep drinks covered when outdoors and always ensure that garbage cans are tightly sealed. Also, keep any fallen fruits from nearby trees or shrubs, as well as in the garden, picked up as their sweet juices attract the wasps.

Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can get rid of wasp nests.

Discourage Building Wasps begin building their nest in early Pest control spring. If you notice a nest in early spring, the nest will be less populated and it will be less difficult to remove. At this stage you can safely knock down the nest, encouraging the wasps to build a home elsewhere. If you notice a large number of wasps around the nest, it’s safer to resort to another method of removal

Aerosol Insecticide There are a number of effective aerosol insecticides on the market. Visit your local home center and purchase a product specifically designed to kill wasps. The best time to attack the colony is at night. Approach the nest and spray the insecticide into its single entry. Wait a day to knock the nest down to ensure that the colony has been destroyed. Failure to knock down the nest will result in an infestation of other insects, including beetles and ants

Manual Removal If you encounter a small nest with minimal wasp activity that can be gotten to easily, you can get rid of the nest without insecticides. At night, approach the nest with an open, heavy, sealable plastic bag. Wrap the nest in the bag and cut the nest from the tree. You can either freeze the nest or leave it in the sun to kill the wasps inside. Be aware that this method is more dangerous than insecticide and poses the risk of wasp strings

How to Kill Wasps

Generally, spring is the most ideal time for killing wasps, before the queen has established her colony. By late summer and fall, their nests decline as they become more interested in collecting pollen or foraging for sugary sweets. If the nest is large or you’re dealing with the more aggressive types, like yellow jackets and hornets, you may want to call in reinforcements (professionals) to handle the job. Otherwise, you can grab the can of wasp and hornet spray and following label instructions, spray the insecticide into the nest entrance or saturate the paper wasp nest during evening hours when the wasps are less active.


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