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Do you remember your grandmothers’ kitchen? The one where you used to have your afternoon tea while you were waiting for your parents to come back from work? If you do,Guest Posting you will certainly remember also that that kitchen was very different from modern kitchens. But thanks to the constant evolutions that have characterised and still characterise this sector, also your mother’s kitchen, without going too much back in time, might appear as antique if compared to the models that you can see now on furniture catalogues or stores.


From home appliances Fitted Kitchens to the materials used to realise pieces of furniture and worktops, all the essential features of kitchens have undergone many changes, becoming more and more functional and following current fashion trends. Because a kitchen is not only supposed to be functional, but also nice to see, and the innovations proposed by kitchen manufacturers must also meet the aesthetic, and not only practical needs of the people who purchase them.


Let us start from materials: while wood is still achieving success, because it is a sort of timeless material, which can fit with both classical and modern style, many other materials have entered the world of kitchen and are becoming more and more popular, from metal, which has gone out of the niche of industrial kitchens and can be used to realise also modern, elegant and customizable kitchens, to siporex, a light material used for fitted kitchens.


The most interesting innovations concern also style. Apart from classical kitchens, which are always appreciated, also other types of kitchens are getting more and more popular: design, hypermodern and minimal kitchens, without handles or decorations, with a linear and essential style. As far as the composition and location of furniture and appliances are concerned, kitchens islands are vey appreciated, as they give a new dimension of space and are very functional as well.

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