Import Flip Slide HD video to Windows Movie Maker for editing

Flip Slide HD review:

The Flip Slide HD,Guest Posting with HD 720p 1280×720, 16:9 at 30 fps resolution video shot, strives to be a little more, adding a sliding touch screen for watching videos on the camera itself. As the Flip Company‚Äôs first “shoot and share” camera, extends that simplification to watching the video you shoot.

It’s thick and thin.

The Slide shoots 30fps HD video at 1280×720

The Slide HD has 2x digital zoom, HDMI ai video generator out and, like the Mino, lacks image stabilization, but it has twice the memory, 16GB, and four hours of record time.

It’s a theater in your pocket

The Slide HD is designed in playback mode so that you can place it on a table so it can stand freely while you share videos with your friends and family.

Windows Movie Maker can’t play Slide HD directly?

Windows Movie Maker as a professional movies maker tool, many friends own a Flip Slide HD must have the idea to import and edit their Flip HD movies in WMM, there is a fact that Windows Movie Maker didn’t play nice with Slide HD as well as Flip Ultra and Mino HD. The problem is with the video codec that the Flip uses: MPEG-4 AVI/H.264 encoded MP4 format. Windows 7 or Windows Movie Maker lacks native support for playing MP4 videos.


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